Erin Heatherton wants a “casual and fun” wedding.

The Victoria’s Secret model is dating Leonardo DiCaprio but they aren’t planning a wedding yet. She still has firm ideas about what she wants though, although the 23-year-old blonde won’t look for a dress until she is engaged.

“It’s funny, I’ve never dreamed of my wedding. But now that all my friends are getting married I get to think about it I guess. Knowing what I know now, it will definitely be casual and fun,” she told Hello! magazine.

“Still, I want to save all those feelings for when my own wedding is actually happening. I think planning a wedding and choosing a dress is something too sacred and beautiful in your life to not treat it the way it deserves… So you have to wait until you’re engaged.”

Erin has walked for many of the biggest names in the business. She feels lucky to wear such beautiful clothes and has already experienced some career highlights. The star thinks all top models have a special quality which helps them succeed.

“I guess the one that stands out the most to be is Valentino, in his last haute couture show,” she recalled. “I’ve also modelled for Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Diane von Furstenberg… It has been a great experience.

“Glamour is something very personal. All the women who I think are glamorous have a unique personality and sense of style and a lot of self-confidence.” – COVER MEDIA