Photo: Kemono Chicken and Rebecca Lim 

Endorsements and sponsorship deals signal that a celeb has “made” it. Or do they? Check out some of the stranger pairings we’ve seen in Singapore lately.


1. Zoe Tay X Kemono Chicken

Photo: Zoe Tay/ Instagram 

The Queen of Caldecott is more likely to be endorsing luxury beauty products or fashion labels. So, it certainly was a surprise when she agreed to be on Team Kemono Chicken, where she, alongside hunky model-photographer Chuan Do and comedian Kumar, will judge a photo contest involving a rubber chicken and a top prize of $50,000.

The online shop, which boasts deliveries up to midnight daily, offers roast chicken, one-bowl meals, pies and soups. Its trademark roast chicken have been described as “delicious”, “tender” and “healthy”. And perhaps we should add “stylish” too, as Zoe would attest — she poses for Kemono’s ads in a classy black evening gown while holding a bright yellow rubber chicken. Other celebs endorsing Kemono include Elvin Ng, Fann Wong and Xiang Yun.


2. Pierre Png & Andrea De Cruz X Redbrick Mortgage

Photo: Property Quotient

What do celebs and mortgages have in common? Well, maybe it’s more like what do celebs and properties have in common.

Actor Pierre Png, most recently of Crazy Rich Asians fame, and his wife, ex-actress and hair salon owner Andrea De Cruz, are apparently astute property investors, having bought three private homes together.

Redbrick Mortgage Advisory named them its first-ever celebrity ambassadors in September 2018, and they even star in a spy-esque video on how to find the best home loan.

Any advice for the newbie buyer? In an interview with Redbrick’s publication Property Quotient, the couple recommended freehold property over leasehold and if choosing between a condo unit or a landed property, buy both!


3. Rebecca Lim X NTUC Income


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Sadly for the actress, her outing for NTUC Income in 2016 was short-lived. Fans and netizens alike were upset after falling for an Instagram post that seemingly implied that she was retiring from showbiz.

But the post turned out to be a publicity stunt promoting an NTUC Income product, to remind young people to plan financially for retirement.

After a social media uproar where Rebecca was slammed for the stunt, the insurer had to call for a press conference to explain that the celeb and company were not trying to mislead the public. Ouch.


4. Sandra Riley Tang X Maggi Hot Heads

Photo: Screengrab from Maggi Singapore’s Facebook

Celebs endorse many things, but to go through some level of pain must surely be a sign of dedication.

In a video to promote Maggi Hot Heads bowl noodles, singer and yoga studio founder Sandra Riley Tang (one fourth of The Sam Willows) engaged in an epic battle with stylist and performer Hirzi to see who would be crowned the champion of spice. Social media influencer Xiaxue also took on performer Dee Kosh. Watch to see who won.


5. Jimmy T X SodaStream


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Actor-producer Jimmy Taenaka (more commonly known as Jimmy T), an American who is based in Singapore, endorses something that some people see as bland – plain old water.

Well, to be precise, he promotes an innovative appliance that carbonates water, the SodaStream.

Perhaps it ties in with his position as the vice-president and coach for the Wrestling Federation of Singapore — as a sportsman, you’ve definitely got to choose the healthy way. Other ambassadors for the brand include author and magician Ning Cai and celeb makeup artist Clarence Lee.


6. Sukki Singapora X Two Lips


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So, masks aren’t only for the face — arguably one of the most important features for someone constantly in the limelight, such as a celeb — but it’s also for one’s nether regions.

Burlesque performer and model Sukki Singapora, and presenter and race-car driver Claire Jedrek have been touting the benefits of Two Lips sheet mask for the vulva — the exterior region of a woman’s private area.

Created by Cynthia Chua, the founder of the Spa Esprit Group, the activated charcoal mask is said to help to detoxify, brighten and hydrate the area.