Emma Stone's hair care tips, blondeEmma Stone’s top tip for taming unruly hair is to “sleep like Marie Antoinette”.

The actress described her unusual method for preserving a great blow dry.

Emma is not skilled at styling her own hair, so she’ll adopt a sleeping method favoured by wig wearers in the past to keep it looking great for longer.

“No. No I am so bad at my own hair. I have no idea how to do it. It’s really not fun. The only days that I’m like, ‘I’m so into my bangs!’ are days that I’ve had my hair done. And then, I try to sleep like Marie Antoinette for as long as possible,” Emma confessed to Refinery 29. “Not like, in the guillotine… like, trying to preserve the wig.”

The Hollywood beauty explained more about her iconic hair style and face framing bangs.

Emma has dyed her naturally blonde locks a red shade before, and possesses the sort of hair that requires regular washing to avoid the “drowned rat” look.

“[The texture of my hair is] like bone-straight,” Emma continued.

“[Do I have to wash it every day?] Yeah, I have to. Well, I don’t have to, but I wash it often if I don’t want to look like a drowned rat. It’s the truth.”

Emma’s every day make-up look is simple and fuss free and she is obsessed with moisturising her face.

Emma will re-apply the product throughout the day on top of her foundation as she often thinks she looks dehydrated.

“Usually [my top three make-up items are] some foundation, some concealer, and mascara. And a lot of moisturiser. I put it on throughout the day,” Emma revealed.

“I just add it on on top of whatever I’m wearing. I don’t know if it looks weird, but I do it anyway, because my skin is so dry that it can actually crack. It’s bad. And this coffee is really helping… so yeah, I’m diligent about hydration.”