Emma Stone goes back to blonde23-year old actress Emma Stone has returned to her natural blonde hair after an extended period of time as a redhead.

She said losing her lighter hued hair helped her pick up acting jobs.

“When I was 15 and first auditioning for parts in LA, I was going for a lot of Disney Channel stuff and I don’t think I fitted into that mould,” she explained.

“So, I dyed my hair brown and a week later I got my first role. Then when I was cast in Superbad, the producer Judd Apatow walked in, looked at me and said: ‘Make it red.’ And I’ll tell you, for five years I tried to get it back to blonde – but every role I took, people would want it red.”

“But I do love having red hair, so I’m sure it’ll happen again someday.”

Emma Stone also added that she “never understood” fashion when she first entered the Hollywood scene.

The gorgeous actress has wowed on the red carpet in recent weeks while promoting her new movie The Amazing Spider-Man.

However, Emma has admitted she only began working with a stylist recently.

“I’ve actually become really interested in fashion in the past year – I never understood it before,” she explained.

Emma enjoys wearing more casual clothes just as much as her show stopping red carpet gowns. The stunning star has played down her fashion credentials, saying she sticks to a few style staples to avoid appearing on worst dressed lists.

“I have a lot of jeans, T-shirts and sweaters,” she told British magazine Look. “I wear Rag & Bone jeans literally every day and I change the T-shirt or sweater, depending on the season.

“For the most part I’m not great at dressing myself.” © COVER MEDIA