Emily Blunt 'ogles' legs DECORBritish actress Emily Blunt has confessed she is deeply envious of women with long, lean limbs.

She says would love to have a pair of toned pins, and often finds herself fixating on someone else’s legs.

“I am a huge leg ogler. I like good legs, I really like those long legs without an inch of cellulite,” she joked to BBC Radio 1.

Emily is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful stars in Hollywood.

However, the 29-year-old insists she wasn’t always so admired.

Emily claims she was painfully thin when she was growing up and she was teased at school for her wiry frame.

“I did do gymnastics and I did netball when I was younger. I played Centre, the one whizzing around the court,” she explained when asked if she was sporty as a child.

“I was that really, really skinny kid. It was unattractively skinny, I got called twig at school.”