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Posting your life on the internet is commonplace. But it quickly turns into a nightmare when your life gets hijacked.

Singapore actress Eleanor Lee posted on Instagram Stories on March 29 about the fears she’s had since her TikTok account was first hacked in December 2021.

She explained that the account was hacked a third time despite her using an authenticator, and hackers also tried to get into her Instagram account, among others.

The 22-year-old, who’s also Mediacorp host Quan Yi Fong‘s daughter, wrote: “Every morning, I always wake up feeling scared that my other social media accounts are being hacked.

“Having to check constantly every minute. It’s really getting on my nerves and honestly affecting my own social life as I don’t dare to put trust in anyone or any app”.

Dispirited, she also said: “As content creators, you’ll always be really proud of the effort you put into your posts. And when my account gets hacked, I feel really upset. Like all my hard work is lost and gone and worst of all, stolen and deleted.”

She added she also received a warning the hackers might also have access to her text messages.

Screengrabs/Instagram/Eleanor Lee

In December last year, the hackers tried to blackmail her US$500 (S$680) in return for her TikTok account. She famously responded: ​​” It’s ok. I don’t want it back. Thank you.”

Eleanor, who’s based in China, added that the hackers are still sending her DMs to get her attention, thinking she doesn’t know about the hacks. She has also made a police report.

Screengrabs/Instagram/Eleanor Lee

While she had stayed quiet about the hacks, she is now speaking up about it to stand up for victims of hacking and blackmail.

She advised her followers to ignore emails or messages about their accounts being reported and asking users to sign in to appeal. Though the notifications look real, they are probably not, Eleanor said.

Screengrabs/Instagram/Eleanor Lee

Eleanor mentioned that she will not be using TikTok for a while because the “hackers just won’t stop”, and will instead be posting updates on Twitter, Instagram, Douyin and Xiaohongshu.

This article was first published in AsiaOne.