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She has no problem being called a daddy’s girl.

Chen Yi Xin, 16, says: “Everything he has done for me is what a best father would do. Even when he doesn’t understand my problems, he tries his best to help me by giving some advice.”

And she confides in her father, former TV actor Edmund Chen, 54, all the time. Her mother is actress Xiang Yun. Being the daughter of famous people, Yi Xin says she is careful about how she behaves. Still, people do judge her.

She adds: “My dad tells me not to care about what people think because there were haters too when he was younger. We just have to let them think what they want instead of dwelling on it.”

That is why her father is her best friend. He is always ready with reassuring words and a shoulder to lean on when she needs it. They also have a lot of fun together. “I really love make-up so I wanted to try some new products on someone, and I thought of my dad,” Yi Xin recalls. “It was so funny because my foundation was too light for him as he is so tan. In the end, the bronzer and highlighter looked so weird, and we just kept laughing.”

Chen says that when Yi Xin was younger, she would style his hair. He says: “When she was in upper primary, she tried to tie my hair and style it, but it was too short.”


And whenever he comes home late with a sore back, Yi Xin would give him a back rub. He says: “I don’t show that I am uncomfortable, but somehow she will know, and she will find the specific spot to ease the pain. I really don’t know how she can pinpoint where I am hurting, but this is something special to me.”

Yi Xin says she feels she is the cause of his worries. Once again, Chen jumped in to protect his little girl. Chen said to his daughter: “Don’t underestimate the things you’ve done for me too. Sometimes it is the little things that count.” He says: “When I face problems at work, sometimes I don’t need the key to the problem, I just need her presence.”