We have all been there. You thought it was all going so well and then suddenly, nothing, silence, zilch. Well, if you want to avoid willing the ground to swallow you up on your next first date, then read on for some dating do’s and don’ts.


Make small talk

Whoever said small talk is for small minds had obviously never been on a first date. You really can’t go wrong with small talk so ask your date about their day, their last holiday, the last film they saw – just keep it light and whatever you do, avoid the dread ex chat. 

Know your news

No-one is expecting you to become a news reporter over night but it can never harm to know your Syria from your Siberia.


It might sound obvious enough but on a first date it’s so easy to get swept away hoping they like you, wondering if you have lipstick on your teeth etc etc. Try to keep your inner head chats to the minimum unless you want to spend the rest of the date nodding and smiling as you have no idea what your new love is talking about. 

Know when to say goodbye

It’s always tempting to keep the date going but in the words from Cher in Clueless: ‘Always have them wanting more.’ 


Me, Me, Me

While having a lot to say for yourself is never a bad thing, no-one wants to listen to a monologue on a first date. Make sure your talking about topics that can be shared both ways and whatever you do avoid constantly bringing the conversation back to you.

The Ex has it

Put simply, never, ever bring up your ex on a first date. Ever.

Nerves Attack

Don’t be shy to admit when nerves get the beter of you. While no-one wants to hear it a hundred times, a little bit of honesty is always endearing and besides, who isn’t nervous on a first date.