Donna Karan wanted her first perfume to smell like her husband’s neck.

The fashion designer wed Stephan Weiss in 1983 and he became the co-CEO of her business. They worked together on many things before his death in 2001 from lung cancer.

The star has reminisced about her greatest beauty memory, which features her late spouse.

“My favourite beauty memory is creating my original signature scents with my husband Stephan. The journey was such a labour of love. Stephan had what the industry calls ‘a nose’. He really had the gift and loved the creative process of mixing juices and seeing how they reacted against skin,” she recalled to “I wanted our first scent, Cashmere Mist, to be a combination of the things I loved: Casablanca lilies, suede, and the back of Stephan’s neck – which had everyone wanting to smell Stephan’s neck!”

Stephen was an artist so Donna left him to design the scent’s bottle. She was impressed that he took to the task as if he was sculpting a “work of art” and the resulting item was shaped like a woman’s back.

It became iconic and so Donna wanted to recreate the experience when she began work on her latest fragrance Woman, which hit shelves in 2012.

She approached architect Zaha Hadid to come up with the new bottle and is proud of what transpired.

“[It] is curvaceous and beautiful – very much reflective of a woman’s sensibility. You just want to caress and hold it in your hands, something Stephan demanded of his own designs. I’m sure Stephan would approve,” she said. – COVER MEDIA