Dita Von Teese’s beauty mantras have “kept her going” through times of insecurity.

The striking Burlesque performer often reminds herself of these rules to keep her signature style in check.

Dita is a strong believer that beauty is something seen differently by everybody.

She added that although people have their own opinions on others’ appearances, they shouldn’t always be voiced.

“I have a lot of mantras about beauty that have kept me going,” Dita shared with Bella Sugar.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which is very, very true. Everyone has different ideals on what is beautiful. I think it’s wonderful that everyone has their own opinion. There is someone for everybody. One mantra is that I won’t tolerate people who judge beauty vocally. Isn’t it interesting when someone says, ‘I don’t think she’s pretty.’ I instantly zero in on the person saying it, and think ‘I never noticed how ugly you are.’ It is a strange thing to judge someone’s appearance.”

Dita launched her second fragrance Rouge in the US recently. This follows her debut into the scent world with her successful self-titled perfume. Dita discussed how the process of creating a celebrity fragrance usually works, and explained why she chose to do the opposite from the norm.

“The process for a celebrity fragrance goes a little like this; you walk in to a fragrance house where all the noses are. Then they put about ten bottles down in front of you and tell you to choose one. I didn’t want to do that,” Dita stated. “I said I wanted to develop one on my own so I worked closely with the noses to develop one I like. I learnt a lot. I told them my favourite classic perfumes and came up with an entire new fragrance. It was a long, but fun, process.” – COVER MEDIA