Oooh, new year, new house – mansion, more like – for Chinese actress Cecilia Cheung?

Image: The Straits Times / Apple Daily

The actress was seen making trips to a grand mansion near Beijing’s airport recently, reportedly worth 60 million Chinese Yuan (about SGD13.2 million).

It was all caught on camera in a video posted by Zhuo Wei – self-styled China’s No. 1 paparazzo and the founder of Fengxing Studio, the same paparazzi outfit which broke the news of Cecilia’s ex-husband, actor Nicholas Tse’s four-day rendezvous with old flame, singer Faye Wong after their divorce.

Cecilia was seen rushing off after a dinner with director Jingle Ma and co-star Richie Jen, travelling to the house in a car on January 28 this year.

But wait, didn’t the actress make headlines for relocating to Singapore not too long ago? How is it possible for her to have made this much from her activities in 2014?

A few days later, the 34-year-old visited the house again. A short while before this, paparazzi spotted nine medium-sized boxes of Opus One wine lying outside the house. She couldn’t be drinking all of that by herself, right?

Just whose house is it, or, could Cecilia be, in love?

As the Chinese paparazzi were looking at the boxes through their cameras Cecilia turns up in a white car, but this time, someone else appears too.

Well, curious creatures, it turns out that Cecilia is not the owner of this house, but her new man is. And it’s wealthy Chinese producer Sun Donghai.

This 47-year-old made a tidy sum in property before turning to show business, and is the ex-boyfriend of Chinese actress Li Xiaoran. Chinese media have also reported him having links to actress Yin Tao.

There’s more dirt. Sun was rumoured to be involved in a knife attack on Chinese director Yan Po back in 2010.

According to a Global Times report from the time, suspects of the case claimed they were avenging a friend named Sun, because his ex-girlfriend was dating Yan. Li also seemed to suggest that her ex-boyfriend was linked to the attack.

The whole situation feels kind of awkward too – Sun is said to be the good friend of Cecilia’s ex-father-in-law, Patrick Tse and even hosted the veteran actor while he was in Beijing in 2012. Tse however, told NetEase that he did not know who Sun was.

Netizens seem to be reacting well to the couple – who have a 12-year age gap – by sending well wishes online.

So folks, Cecilia is still living in Singapore, and no she didn’t buy a $13.2million house, but we’ll like to congratulate her on the new man. We’re happy for you, Cecilia!

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