The hot and hunky up-and-coming actor Desmond Tan has been appointed as Samsung Galaxy S4 with LTE’s Lifestyle Ambassador. Get to know Desmond outside of his television roles through the series of five videos starring the latest Samsung smartphone!

The Essential Guide to Better Living is a five episode online series featuring Desmond and his Samsung Galaxy S4 with LTE in white. Being the adventurous, witty, and people-loving person that he is, Desmond seeks different experiences in each episode.

The five videos, the first of which was released on June 4, will have you following Desmond through a fun enactment of his meetings with friends, of him spending time surfing the Net on his Samsung, jamming with his bandmates and more.

New episodes will be released each week on Tuesday, and while you have some laughs with Desmond, you might learn a something new or useful about your phone or phone-to-be. Chip with your thoughts on how the Samsung Galaxy Feature of the Week helps to enrich your life and your answer may be picked to win a Samsung Galaxy S4 with LTE!

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