Daphne Guinness thinks many high end watches look the same.

The flamboyant fashion star is the brand ambassador for Roger Dubuis’ Velvet collection of watches. She promotes the line in the latest edition of Haute Living magazine, in which she discusses what makes the timepieces different.

“So many watches at the high-end look very similar, but this team loves what they do and they’re ready to take risks; so I felt privileged to be there and learn with them – I wish I could make a watch,” she gushes.

Daphne has always been particular about the kind of watches she would wear. As a child, she shunned the trendy versions many of her contemporaries lusted after.

“I’ll not wear a watch until it’s right; I prefer my wind up from when I was a kid,” she said. “It’s the intricacy of the interior that I find very interesting, the decoration comes after; and Roger Dubuis is so serious about the movement.”

There are rumours Daphne might work on a line with the brand in the future, but this time round she styled the advertising campaign. She is seen on a trapeze, with a beautiful timepiece facing the camera.

“I reckon that I am very hard on myself so if I make something that I can actually say, ‘Oh, I did that,’ then I think I did my best and I have a responsibility to speak the truth,” she explained. – COVER MEDIA