Credit: Instagram/Cynthia Koh

How far will one go for fashion?

Pretty far, it seems, if you ask local actress Cynthia Koh.

The 48-year-old turned heads when she wore a revealing outfit to the Asian Academy Creative Awards last December and there was more that went on behind the scenes with that ‘milk-your-curves’ dress.

In a recent episode of #JustSwipeLah!, Cynthia revealed that she suffered a wardrobe malfunction when she sat down in that dress.

She told host Jernelle Oh: “After sitting down, the rings at the side got entangled together… The rings were tied together with fishing strings. So they got entangled and we slowly undid the knots and one of them broke. After that, for the whole night — two hours — I kept leaning against the wall [to hide it].

“I’d rather die pretty. If it looks good on you, why take it off?”

Her stylist Keith Png, who prepared that gown for her, was on the show as well and he shared his thoughts on the controversial dress.

He explained: “For that same gown, it’s flat on the model and it looks okay. Quite nice, quite fashionable… But on Cynthia, as her figure is very voluptuous, it might look too sexy.

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“We were a little worried, but later on, we thought that as a whole, it still looks elegant and makes her shine like a star. I found it okay and acceptable so we dared to try it.”

Though her sartorial choice drew its share of brickbats, Cynthia elegantly clapped back at the haters then and said: “If you can look classy, still have all the great curves, don’t hide them. They don’t last forever. Milk it while it lasts.”

This article was first published in AsiaOne.