Crystal Renn had a “moment of epiphany” when she was taught about astrology.

Although the model was aware of horoscopes for much of her life, it wasn’t until she became big in fashion that she really began to study them. Now the belief system often helps her get through her day as she believes taking in information about the solar system makes her aware of what is to come.

“The industry is what got me into astrology. I worked with a make-up artist who knew everything about it,” she told The Cut’s Inside the Models Studio. “I guess you could say I was overcome with my moment of epiphany. For instance, if I go on a Scorpio shoot, I know it’s going to be an intense day and you’d better come there to work. It’s helped me a lot in my work.”

Crystal is famed for championing a healthy attitude to weight and has worked as a high fashion and plus-sized model.

The 26-year-old star continually worries about the body image of young girls and hopes that as time goes on the industry will start to be more accepting of different shapes and sizes.

“In fashion every single decade has something that’s in. I think there should never be a body type that’s in, because the reality is that women are all different sizes. All different women can’t look up to one body type as the one they should be,” she explained.

“Women need to embrace who they are and feel comfortable in their own skin. And that goes for other things in the industry, this isn’t just about weight – we’re talking height, we’re talking colour and I think the next real big one is gonna be age.”