Crystal Renn gets “comfort” from astrology as it has helped her through some tough situations.

The plus-size model has taken the fashion world by storm, working with labels such as Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabbana and Jean Paul Gaultier. She has come under fire for slimming down recently, but insists she has not made a conscious effort to diet, and her weight loss is the result of things going on in her life.

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Crystal has experienced difficulties in the past, suffering from an eating disorder when she was younger. Although she doesn’t specify at what time in her life, the star has now explained she’s developed a keen interest in astrology, which helps her when she’s feeling down.

“I do have a love for astrology, and it’s definitely one of my hobbies. I think that I formed an interest in it when I got myself into a bit of an impossible situation where I needed some advice and help. I suppose I looked everywhere, found nothing, but I looked to the stars,” she told StyleCaster, as part of a special editorial project.

“After understanding the system completely, I found that that the impossible situation I was in all of a sudden became possible. It helped me understand people better. Even if at the end of the day, if it’s not true, I’m fine with that because it gives me a sense of comfort and understanding about who people are.”

Crystal thinks she takes her job much more seriously than many other models. She knows looking good is a huge aspect of her career, but wants to bring more to photoshoots than just her physical appearance. She does that by reaching inside and showing emotion, which she thinks is vital.

She believes it’s this which has won her so many campaigns, and got her work with Chanel. Teaming with the iconic label remains one of her proudest achievements – Crystal literally “jumped for joy” when she was told she’d won a campaign with the fashion house.

“I have to say it was the moment of my career; being in front of him [creative director Karl Lagerfeld], having him photograph me. I just remember thinking “I mean, can it get better than this?” I think at that point I had to say, ‘I need to keep going from here.’ I had to pinch myself that day; that was a moment for me,” she said.

“Chanel was so important to me because it was one of the first designer brands that I ever knew. I was a girl living in Clinton, Mississippi. Before being scouted and discovered to be a model I had never even heard of fashion. When I discovered exactly what it was, I mean, I had an insatiable appetite for anything that I could get my hands on. Chanel ad campaigns were absolutely one of those things.” © Cover Media