Christian Louboutin “gets screamed at” regularly at weekends as he always phones his friends too early.

The shoe legend is a creature of habit and enjoys starting his days with a leisurely breakfast and read of the newspapers. He also likes to catch up with his friends and family before he starts work, but has to be careful not to telephone them on Saturdays and Sundays.

“I’m in the habit of talking on the phone. I catch up with friends early in the morning – I’m a big talker over the phone in the morning. But only during the week, not on the weekend. Because I know that every time I’m calling people in the morning on the weekends, I get screamed at because [they say], ‘It’s too early, you don’t call people at this time,'” he laughed to

Christian bans television and radio when he is enjoying his breakfast, as he prefers to start the day quietly.

When it comes to food, he is only happy if he has fruit first thing. The star is a particular fan of pineapple and pomegranate, both of which he uses for inspiration when coming up with new collections.

“The pineapple is very architectural. It’s a fruit but it could almost be like a house. It can be a decoration that you put on a table. And I love the top, it reminds me of the hat that showgirls wear,” he giggled. “And the pomegranate, it’s the contrast between the inside and the outside and that deep red colour reminds me of my work. But also it’s one of the oldest fruits – you can find it in paintings, you can find it in terracotta, in the pyramids of Egypt you have the first pomegranate.” – COVER MEDIA