Credit: TPG/Click Photos

Charmaine Sheh recently revealed in a Chinese talk show that she once rejected going on a dating reality show because she wanted to keep her love life private.

The 45-year-old Hong Kong actress also shared that she doesn’t regret having missed the opportunity to get married when she was younger, saying: “If I didn’t get married then, it means that he was not suitable for me.”

After winning second runner-up in the 1997 Miss Hong Kong pageant, Charmaine decided to join the entertainment industry, going on to claim several accolades for her roles in Can’t Buy Me Love and in recent years, Story of Yanxi Palace.

When asked why she chose acting instead of marrying into a wealthy family then, she explained: “I don’t want to marry someone right after finishing school, it’s weird.”

For the Yanxi Palace star, her life revolves around filming so she did not think too much about marriage in the past. “I was happy to be filming, so I continued until now,” she said.

Though Charmaine once said that her previous relationships ended due to her being too engrossed in work, she still believes in marriage.

And while most women might worry about having children later in age, the former TVB actress shrugged it off, saying “it can’t be helped”.

As for her love life, she’s leaving it entirely up to fate. “If I want to find an interesting soul, I believe I will find it,” she quipped.

This story was first published on AsiaOne.