What do celebrities do when they get a breather in the midst of their hectic schedules?

Well, they get crafty, all in the name of charity.

Gucci has rolled out their Icons of Heritage Cut & Craft Facebook campaign in support of local charity Mainly I Love Kids (MILK) and not only has it earned rave reviews for being a great initiative, the concept behind the charity drive is an interesting and some may say, therapeutic one.

All you have to do is go to the Cut & Craft campaign page on Facebook, pick your favourite Gucci bag, download a stencil and add in your own design elements. Once you’re done, and the picture is uploaded, Gucci will donate $100 to MILK.

Plus, every vote you get for your bag will also see $10 being donated to the charity.

Celebrities like Daniel Boey, Stephanie Carrington, Yvette King, May, and Yvonne Lim, just to name a few, have all jumped on board to lend a helping hand by designing a bag each.

 Gucci x MILK: Daniel Boey
Gucci Bamboo Bag designed by Daniel Boey

Just like his stylish nature, celebrity stylist Daniel Boey has created one completely covered with star-shaped sequins, almost like a disco ball.

“I was inspired by the disco ball. It’s the season to be jolly, but don’t forget your philanthropic duties amidst the glitz, parties and fun,” Boey adds.

Being someone who has always been involved in children’s charity, Boey also encourages more Singaporeans to do their bit.

“This couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. We should spare a thought this festive season for the less fortunate and those in need. I hope Singaporeans will be inspired by this to reach out to and into their hearts and donate to the MILK fund, for a brighter future for these kids that need our help.”

Others like Fly Entertainment artiste Jill Marie Thomas, and Beam Artistes’ Yvette King are inspired by their loved ones around them.

Gucci x MILK :Jill Marie Thomas
Gucci Stirrup Bag designed by Jill Marie Thomas

Thomas’ kids inspired her bag design and they all came together to create this bag for a good cause. She adds, “My bag represents the fun we had together and most importantly, how I believe strongly in this cause…because MAINLY I LOVE KIDS!”

King on the other hand, calls her version of the bag – the “Puggucci”.

“The inspiration for this design stems from my perspective on fashion – that you can be stylish, make a statement and have fun all at the same time. Ultimately, this purse is a marriage of the two great loves in my life. Fashion as a way of self expression and my gorgeous pet pug.”

Gucci x M‎ILK: Yvette King
Gucci Bamboo Bag designed by Yvette King

Not to be outdone, Stephanie Carrington, also a Fly Entertainment artiste, created hers by reusing materials around her.

“I had a bunch of different ideas in my head and couldn’t decide which to go with. Then I saw a pile of my old magazines and decided to use some of the pages. I also had some old shopping bags that had a nice gloss so I used that for parts of my bag as well.”

Gucci x MILK: Stephanie Carrington
Gucci Bamboo Bag desinged by Stephanie Carrington

Not only are the celebrities doing their part for charity, three fashion bloggers – Fash-Eccentric, Onesixtynotepad and Fashionide, have also submitted their super stylish designs for the cause.

So, check out all of their submissions below, get inspired and start designing for a good cause today!

Take part in the Gucci Cut & Craft Facebook campaign by visiting www.facebook.com/sg.Herworld