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“Best friends are like wireless bras – you don’t always see them or feel their presence but they will always be there when you need them the most,” quipped the jovial Taiwanese comedian and host 27-year-old Lulu Huang.

Speaking at the #TogetherWeTriumph campaign launch held at the Swanky W Hotel in Taipei on Apr 25, 2017, Lulu opened up about her friendship with her bestie and Taiwanese actress Summer Meng, who was also at the event. The newly unveiled campaign by the international lingerie brand aims to encourage women to help and support each other through simple gestures of kindness.

The celebrity duo first became pals after being introduced by veteran Taiwanese host and Summer’s fiancé Mickey Huang who also happens to be Lulu’s mentor. It seems Mickey played a pivotal role in cementing the pair’s friendship. “Lulu bawled when I told her that Mickey proposed. That was the moment when I realised that she really cares for me,” said 26-year-old Summer.

At the event, the pals who consider each other “sisters” also showed off their cheeky side when quizzed about each other’s flaws. “Summer might seem flawless on the outside, but she has her flaws too. She trusts others too easily sometimes and I’ve seen her sharing confidential information like her card details and her vital statistics with cast members she barely knows, shared Lulu.

Summer was also not afraid to poke fun at her bestie and responded to the question saying, “Lulu can be quite spendthrift. I tried to dissuade her to buy a pair of shoes she wanted by calling them ugly. She actually turned to me and said you are the ugly one. She can also be a little cheap sometimes. She wanted to treat all of us to hotpot but suggested going Dutch after getting the cheque.”

Despite their constant banter, it is clear that the hilarious duo that made us laugh during the entire course of the event is incredibly close. “We’ve never fought or quarrelled over anything,” said Lulu. The funny girl even went on to share that they are so chummy, they even share the same bra size!

Read on to find out more about these famous ladies in our exclusive interview with them.


Questions with Summer: 


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You recently announced your engagement with Mickey Huang. How did you decide that he was the one?

You just know it. It’s a feeling. You just know that you’ll never meet never meet someone else like that.


There is quite a wide age gap between you and Mickey (who is 46-years-old). In your opinion, what are some of the challenges of dating someone who is older than you and how do you overcome such challenges?

I’m mature for my age and Mickey is quite childish (laughs). I think we complement each other.


When it comes to wedding prep, who is more opinionated? You or Mickey? What happens when there are things you can’t agree on?

I guess I’m the one with more opinions. If Mickey disagrees with something I suggested, I would actually give in to him because it’s rare for him to have such strong opinions.


You’ve been involved in mostly idol dramas. Is there a particular genre you would like to take on?

Horror movies. I’m also keen to play a character that is more aloof and cold.


What is your secret to a hydrated and radiant complexion?

I think it’s important to get enough sleep and to be diligent with your skincare. I also like using masks and giving myself a face massage.


#TogetherWeTriumph is about empowerment and uplifting women. Can you think of an instance where a woman in your life played a pivotal role in helping you achieve bigger heights?

It’s hard to think of a particular instance but my mum definitely played an important role


What’s next for you?

Getting enough rest is one of my priorities for now. I also want to enrol myself in a language school to pick up English


Questions with Lulu:

What are some of the challenges you face (as a female comedian and host) in the Taiwanese variety show industry?

I’m not very confident with large scale awards. I was recently in Singapore for the Star Awards to present the Best Programme Hosts award. I was trying my best to hold back my tears when the recipient (Quan Yi Fong) gave her acceptance speech.


Do you prefer being a host or a singer?

I think I do a better job as a host. I still have a long way to go when it comes to singing.


You’ve worked with many celebrities – is there a celeb you look up to and why?

Besides my mentor, I really look up to my co-hosts on Hot Door Night ( Jackie Wu and Chen Han Dian). “Xian Ge” (Jacky) might seem very playful on screen but he takes his work very seriously and is very professional. He is also quite a bookworm and reads a lot.


What is your secret to a hydrated and radiant complexion?

Thoroughly cleansing the skin. I also try my best to go for regular facials.


#TogetherWeTriumph is about empowerment and uplifting women. Can you think of an instance where a woman in your life played a pivotal role in helping you achieve bigger heights?

Like Summer, I think my mum played an important role in getting me to where I am today. The selflessness of a mother’s love is very inspiring.


What’s next for you?

I have an upcoming travel variety show coming up where I’ll be taking trips to countries like Cambodia.