It is because she has humble taste and isn’t fussy about what is on her plate. The 26-year-old told The New Paper: “I write about beauty and travel as these are things I am passionate about.

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“I am not fussy about food, but I do share some of my favourite haunts once in a while.

“I love Chinese and Japanese cuisines, especially rice dishes such as cai fan (mixed vegetables with rice), as I grew up eating them. They’re my comfort food.”

We joined Chua, who was gushing about how excited she was for her first food shoot on Tuesday, for an early lunch at fast casual European-style coffee house Paulinni at Bugis+.

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She frequents the outlet with her parents to eat gelato. This time she ordered the Paulinni House Salad, Soba Heaven Wrap, Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich, Smoked Salmon Sandwich, and Waffle with Taro, Mango and Peppermint gelato.

Taking a bite of the chicken sandwich, the dainty online personality said: “Don’t let its plain appearance fool you.

“This is really nice. While the flavours may be on the heavier side, I love the sweetness of the teriyaki sauce, and it can serve as a treat to yourself from time to time.”


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But the bubbly Instagram star eventually chose the soba wrap as her favourite because it was healthy and light.

“The soba is infused with all the sauces inside the wrap, and the vegetables are also crunchy, which seals the deal.”



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Last month, Chua launched her lifestyle brand Kai with a variety of fruit pouches and will be working on its next “whimsical” collection, out in November.

She will also be producing videos on her YouTube channel every week and getting involved in beauty collaborations.

Do you usually cook?

When I was studying in Perth, Australia, during my university years, I often cooked rice dishes and Chinese ABC soup, as it was expensive to eat out.

But with my busy work and travelling schedule now, I usually order my meals via delivery apps because it is convenient.

Photo: Bellywellyjelly / Instagram

If I do cook, it will usually be steaks for my family and boyfriend, but the last time was six months ago.

You have been travelling a lot in the past year. What is one food item you can’t live without when you are overseas?

I love my rice, I love my carbohydrates. I believe that carbs equal happiness.

I am always on the lookout for rice dishes wherever I am.

What do you always eat when you are in Western countries?

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Steak would be my go-to choice… (it is) always the best (there).

It is prepared differently – like a different “burnt” taste or the sauce is different and the way they sear or cut it.

Also, I always try their pastas and ask for recommendations from the cafe or restaurant.

You will never go wrong with either choice.

You worked at ice cream shop Ben & Jerry’s for five years. What do you think is the most important aspect of a food establishment?

The staff members and service.

They (the staff members) have to appear like they enjoy being there.

Photo: Bellywellyjelly / Instagram

If you have people who are enthusiastic about greeting you, about sharing what their favourite dish is, usually you will feel a lot more at home at the place.

Even if the food is not that good, you will be able to give feedback and want the place to improve.

This story was originally published in The New Paper, July 13, 2017.

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