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Cecilia Cheung’s (above) manager was amused by a report that said the actress forbade her former husband Nicholas Tse to marry Faye Wong in the next three years. Image: Apple Daily

HONG KONG – Cecilia Cheung’s manager has laughed off a story that the actress forbids her former husband Nicholas Tse to marry his girlfriend Faye Wong in the next three years.

On Weibo last Friday, the manager said she was “really amused” after reading the magazine article headlined “Cecilia… forbids marriage to Faye”, reported Ming Pao Daily News. “From the beginning to now, Cecilia has sincerely given her blessing to Nicholas’ romance with Faye Wong,” the manager said.

Cheung, who moved to Singapore three years ago with the former couple’s two sons, Lucas and Quintus, has returned to Hong Kong with them in recent months. In a statement on Aug 6, the couple said the boys had been accepted by Hong Kong’s International Christian School, which Cheung tried to enrol them in years ago.

The couple also said they were happy for their sons to have more time with their grandparents.

Apple Daily said Quintus had a fever and was admitted to hospital on Aug 11. Tse had to spend time with his son and was unable to celebrate Wong’s birthday, said the report.

According to the article that was questioned by Cheung’s manager, Tse had offered to set up a HK$100- million (S$18-million) education fund to keep the boys in Hong Kong, but his former wife rejected the offer. Instead, the story said, she asked her former husband not to marry Wong in the next three years as the children are young and need a father’s care.

Tse, 35, first romanced Wong, 46, in the 2000s. They resumed their relationship last year, after he broke up with Cheung, 35, in 2011.

Cheung’s manager posted an alternate version of the magazine article on Weibo, changing the headline to “Cecilia… forbids late marriage to Faye”.

The manager said: “I think this is the real answer.”

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