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Cara Delevigne is a bad girlfriend main.jpgCara Delevingne would like a relationship but knows she is a “bad girlfriend”.

The model appears in the new edition of LOVE magazine where she opens up about men and dating.

Despite having a string of suitors lining up to date her, Cara has never been in love herself.

“I want to fall in love, I think. I’ve never. I know. Everyone I know’s been in love or in relationships now and… There’s only ever been… there’s been people telling me they love me but it freaks me out and I just run, run,” Cara explained in the interview. “I think I’m a bad girlfriend.”

The 20-year-old fashion icon has been linked to a string of young heartthrobs over the years including One Direction star Harry Styles and Justin Bieber. Cara explained that dating men her own age does not interest her. In fact she has her sights set on a much more mature guy as her next suitor.

“The thing with young men is… and it’s not just young men, like I’ve been out with people 28, 29 and they’re such f**king as*holes. It makes me think I just need to go out with someone who’s 40. To be OK,” she admitted. “I literally feel like I’m these little boy’s mothers. I just don’t think that I trust men. That’s the problem. I can appreciate a beautiful-looking man but he’s not my type.”

Cara continued to discuss the stars she is rumoured to have dated. Although she finds the gossip funny there is also a darker side, such as being abused on Twitter by jealous females.

“I know Harry [Styles], he’s a good friend of mine, you know, it was… the whole thing is that everyone’s been linked to him. Alexa [Chung], Pixie [Geldof], we’ve all been around him and then, ‘Aah, they’re going out’.[One Direction fans] Those crazy little f**king… sorry, little girls! One week I had 40,000 followers and then I had 70,000 on Twitter and suddenly it’s like Mrs Harry Styles, die, b***h, die. And it’s funny because I’ve always been quite good at taking criticism because I criticise myself a lot, generally. And some of them are quite funny. Like sending me pictures of tweezers and saying, ‘Do you know what these are?’ And I’d retweet it and be like no, I’ve never seen them in my life before, what are those for?” the model – who is known for her full dark eyebrows – said.

“I’ll give it back. Some of them can be quite funny and creative about it. But the ‘die in a hole’ ones? Like, whose nine-year-old daughter are you? That’s f**ked up.” – COVER MEDIA