Cara Delevingne doesn’t understand why she’s so admired when she “knows she can do more”.

The model has become a worldwide name recently, after walking in over 30 presentations during the Spring/Summer 13 show season.

Although she is happy to be forging a strong career, the star is less excited about being labelled an It Girl.

“It’s like, admire me for what? What have I done? It’s not that being in a Burberry campaign or walking in a Chanel show is nothing. It’s just… I know I can do more,” she told

One of the problems is that fashion isn’t Cara’s first love. Although she enjoys modelling, she only got involved with it so she could put herself through drama school.

She hopes to become an actress and is now concerned she has made a wrong move.

“It’s messed up though because modelling makes you so self-conscious, which is exactly what you can’t be when you’re acting,” she explained.

There are some aspects of her current job which Cara thinks are helpful. She has learnt that she can’t make a mistake and if she does she needs to deal with things differently than she usually would.

“I mean, if I fall, that’s the one situation I can’t get out of by making jokes or funny faces. You know, a big old song and dance. Which is what I normally do when I’m in trouble,” she explained. – COVER MEDIA