Candice Swanepoel: Dating is difficultCandice Swanepoel says it’s hard to date as a Victoria’s Secret Angel because men always try to impress with their “mansions”.

The model and her fellow Angel Erin Heatherton have been discussing what it’s like to work for the luxury lingerie brand ahead of the iconic annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Both girls feel extremely lucky to have the jobs they do, although Candice admits it does affect your love life. That’s one of the reasons she’s pleased to be in a stable relationship.

“I think it’s harder to date as an angel, when people meet you it’s hard to look past our job, what we look like. They are always trying to impress you, you know, like, ‘Come to my mansion blah blah blah,’” she explained.

Erin agrees it can make things strange, although she’s happy with her life. She’s currently single and does go on dates, but for her an ideal night is spent with friends. She enjoys having dinner with them, then going to dance to “really gangster hip-hop songs”.

The two models recently shot a commercial for the underwear giant in Prague. Erin insists she was fine about stripping off as she’s used to people seeing her with few clothes on.

“It felt fine – you’re surrounded by so many people that we work with all the time. It’s like family. Every advertising shoot or every commercial we do, they’re there,” she told

“My best friend’s Candice. One of my best friends is Lily [Aldridge], and another one of my best friends in the world is Rosie [Huntington-Whiteley], but she’s not doing Victoria’s Secret anymore. And honestly the best thing about working with Victoria’s Secret for me is that they are my best friends in the world, like, the sisters that I never had.”

In a separate interview, the girls discussed getting in shape for the catwalk show. Erin has been “working out hard” to ensure she looks her best, while Candice is trying to ensure her body looks “strong”.

“It’s funny because people don’t realise how petite we are in real life,” Candice told “We know how to make ourselves look curvaceous. I can slip between high fashion and Victoria’s Secret quite easily.”

For both girls the scariest thing about the annual runway presentation is their outfits. While they are fine strutting in their underwear, they worry about the wings they have to wear.

“I think the most nerve wracking part of the whole show process is the fitting because even if you have been working with Victoria’s Secret for a long time you never know if your wings are going to be really heavy or if you’re going to like your outfit,” Erin said. “It’s like opening a gift but you never know what you’re going to get.

“I have heavy, heavy wings but I’m going to be OK… now it’s my time. I’m just going to do it and not think about it. The trick is not to bounce too much because that ruins everything.” ©COVER MEDIA