Photo: Britney Spears / Instagram 


The US pop star flew into Singapore from Hong Kong on Wednesday night along with her sons aged 12 and 11 for her first live concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium at 8pm tonight.

Photo: Britney Spears / Instagram


The first thing she ordered when she settled into her hotel room was that well-loved comfort food.

Spears’ management told The New Paper: “She generally eats very healthy and does not like to eat a lot at night.”

The 35-year-old visited Universal Studios Singapore yesterday with her sons before driving around Singapore to marvel at how “beautiful” the country is.

She had hit the gym earlier in the morning and will “do the same before her show”.


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Her management said: “She is very disciplined, and she stays in great shape as it enables her to put on the best possible show for her fans and herself.”

Photo: Britney Spears / Instagram


Tickets priced between $368 and $568 are selling fast, they and are available (at press time) from and 3158-7888.

Spears’ management added: “On the drive from the airport to the hotel, she was reminiscing about the last time she was in Singapore (in 1998 for a private showcase). It was early in her career, and she loved being here.

Photo: Britney Spears / Instagram 


“She is very excited to come back, and she cannot wait to do the show. She remembered how beautiful the country was and how great the people are.”

This story was originally published on The New Paper, June 30, 2017.

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