There is only one word to describe the gorgeous four man band Boys Like Girls – hilarious.
Decked in G-Star from head to toe, the boys, Paul, Martin, John and Morgan had the crowd laughing away at everything they said and did in the press conference for ION Orchard’s fourth anniversary yesterday, October 17, 2013

As they sat in their seats, relaxed, with Martin speaking while nonchalantly chewing a toothpick, the band talked about their love for Singapore, and the progression of their music career.

The boys clearly enjoyed and revelled in the attention of the press junket, even picking out people from the audience to ask questions during the press conference.

“I’ll sing for you if you want me to,” Martin, the frontman of Boys Like Girls smiled when a girl exclaimed her favourite song of theirs, garnering even more love from the crowd.

The band is certainly a really fun-loving one, bringing 987FM DJ Rosalyn Lee in the jovial antics. “You look great,” he told her, then added cheekily, “Me too!”

The boys are full of praise for Singapore as well and are in love with the food and shopping in our country. When asked how they would feel if they got stuck here in Singapore, the four of them gave the journalist and incredulous look.

“Stuck?! We would love to get stuck here,” Martin exclaimed, “We would shop everyday, all day, and eat all the food here!”

The band also surprised us with saying they liked durian, the national fruit that many other foreigners usually abhor, while playfully chiding the audience, “Why does everyone want us to try the smelly fruit the moment we touched down on Singapore?”

When asked about their music career, the four boys did not give a confirmed date or answer for a new album release, but all agreed on one thing – they would never start producing electronic dance music (EDM), but would not mind doing collaborations with DJs like Calvin Harris.

The four boys started getting cheeky when I asked if they’d be surprising the audience at tonight’s concert.

“We’ll be performing … Naked!” John laughed when he saw the shocked look on everyone’s faces.

“On a serious note, we would see how the concert goes,” Martin said, “It’s an acoustic set, so it’ll be flexible, and we’ll even take requests.”

Boys Like Girls will be performing tonight at 7pm at ION2, the open area right outside ION Orchard tonight, headlining the concert to celebrate ION Orchard’s fourth anniversary. If you’re looking to see the handsome and funny boys blow you away with their vocals, head down to the mall tonight!

The ION Orchard’s fourth anniversary celebrations take place tonight at October 18, 2013 at 6pm at ION2 at ION Orchard. For more information on Boys Like Girls, visit their Facebook page at, or follow them on Twitter @BoysLikeGirls.