Image: Weibo

Here’s how it all went down. Nathan Hartono kickstarted the first round of the Sing! China finals performing with his mentor and pop prince Jay Chou. The duo led an energetic performance of one of Chou’s early rap hits “Nunchucks”, where Hartono played the harmonica and the guitar and … beatboxed to boot. Watch the performance below!

Nathan then lead the second round (with over 35,000 votes!) with a stellar rendition of another of Chou’s hits, The Longest Movie. Watch the performance below!

Finalists Hartono and China’s Jian Dunhao then left us at the edge of our seats with their third and final face-off. Hartono performed a mash-up of two Mandopop classics – Moonlight in the city by Mavis Hee and Woman Flower by Anita Mui. Watch the performance below!

And alas, after an intense and nail-biting round of voting courtesy of a panel of 81 professionals and the spectators, Nathan Hartono finished second place in the Sing! China competition behind China’s Jiang Dunhao.

Second place isn’t all that bad. To wit, Senior Minister of State, Josephine Teo, immediately congratulated Nathan Hartono on his performance via her Facebook page. The power of social media, eh.

Second place notwithstanding, we know the young man’s career path is looking so bright it could potentially blind us a couple of years down the road – not that we’d mind.

Congratulations Nathan! You’ve made us immensely proud and now, you can get your well-deserved and well-rested sleep. We’re looking forward to what you have in store for us in the near future. Jiayou!

Celebrate Nathan’s victory and read our story on our fond flashback of the singer’s Youtube days! Nathan, you’ve come a long way.