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In friendships, it’s pretty normal to have disagreements and to reconcile after an apology. But when the quarrel leads to broken glass and a lot of yelling, will an apology really cut it?

Fans of the hit Netflix series Bling Empire were left hanging when season two of the show ended with some doubts surrounding the friendship between American Kevin Kreider, 38, and 32-year-old Singaporean Kane Lim.

The two had been good friends until a heated argument between them in episode five when Kane told Kim Lee (Kevin’s romantic interest this season) that Kevin had hooked up with a girl one week before their big date.

The bro code wasn’t the only thing that broke; the glass in Kevin’s hand did too. No one was injured though, no worries.

While the two reconciled eventually, a foreboding comment from Kane left the stability of their friendship up in the air — he brought up their clashing zodiac signs to explain why he thought their friendship wouldn’t last.

When AsiaOne spoke to Kevin in May after the premiere of the show, he said the two of them were still a little distant.

He added: “I think what was really hard is that I didn’t think he could be vindictive or uncompassionate towards me…

“Kane talks about compassion a lot… but I think what Kane discovered this season and this year was that it’s really easy to be a Buddhist and to practice these principles in all your affairs when things are going your way.”

Don’t go after someone’s religion

So when Kane, newly minted ambassador for Fenty Beauty, returned to our sunny shores last week, we asked him what he thought about his former BFF’s opinions.

“For me, I’ll never use the press to trash someone else. So I have no comments with that because for me, the press should be used to talk about good stuff, highlighting good stuff. But for him to go for my religion in the press in Singapore was something that I think is a bit…” he replied, before trailing off.

However, Kane reiterated that he wants to use the press to “highlight my good social causes, the show and also the camaraderie of the show”, adding: “So regarding that, I have respect for him but for me, you should not go for someone’s religion. That’s the bottom line.”

Rihanna and Kane Lim
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There is no doubt that the drama and conflicts that arose between the cast members, who each have their own strong personalities, were what made this season so entertaining.

And even Kane admitted that the friendships on the show have “changed a lot”.

“Everyone’s friendship goes through, you know, bumps and stuff. And for me, I still have respect for everyone on the cast, because I think everyone, not just Kevin, brings something to the show. Because without anyone of them, the show wouldn’t work, too. So I have nothing bad to say about him. But I think he does.”

‘Everything I did, I would do it again’

Though the conflict with Kevin and subsequent events might not have put Kane in a good light, Kane said he would do it all over again and it wasn’t a situation where he could have managed things better.

He shared: “I’ve said all I wanted to say [on the show] — again, like we shot for three months… I would love the audience to watch the whole three months to be able to get a bigger sense of what happened, right? But I can’t control anything. There’s nothing that I regret seeing.

“In fact, like everything I did, I would do it again, because I protect my friends and especially in the show with Kim… There’s so much more to the story that I’m actually really looking out for her on the show. And there’s nothing I regret on the show, to be honest with you. And I’m very direct where if I don’t like something I will say it instead of keeping it in…

“I think that’s a very important thing. To be on the show, you have to have opinions. Whether people disagree with you, at least you’re true to your authentic self.”

Bling Empire season two is now streaming on Netflix.

This article was first published in AsiaOne.