If you haven’t already heard, K-Pop band Big Bang are in town!

The popular South Korean group made up of five members – G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri – touched down in Singapore yesterday for their Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 concert which will be showing tonight and tomorrow at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

We caught up with the band at a closed door press conference organised by Samsung last night, and although they were delayed by traffic and a torrential downpour, the boys were definitely worth the wait.

Fashion forward outfits
Known for their fashion forward dressing, and often “loud” sense of style, they were dressed to impress. G-Dragon showed up with a head of pastel-coloured locks of mint, blue, green and pink and a monochrome printed shirt, TOP paired gold pants with a navy polka-dotted shirt, Taeyang sported his trademark bandana and leather pants while Daesung wowed in a pair of floral pants.

“The energy we receive from our fans in Singapore is incredible. We’re really looking forward to the concert and hope we can visit Singapore more often,” said leader G-Dragon at the Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012, kicking off the press conference to a good start.

T.O.P’s injury
T.O.P injured his hand during the filming of his movie Alumnum last week and even with his hand in a cast, the rapper, speaking in his sexy low baritone replied with a smile, saying he will give his best at the Big Bang concert tomorrow to fulfill his promise to the fans. We’ve never seen someone still look so dapper even with a bandaged hand.

It’s all about crabs
Taeyang, easily the most upbeat member who fielded questions with enthusiasm throughout the session exclaimed excitedly that as a band they wanted to try “chilli crab and black pepper crab” when asked about local food.

“According to G-Dragon, the chilli crab in Singapore is great but I don’t think I’ll dare to try it as it might be too spicy,” said Taeyang bashfully.

Also present at the press conference were Singapore celebrities Rebecca Lim, Desmond Tan, Xu Ya Hui, Ann Kok Romeo Tan as well as some really lucky fans.

And in a weird turn of events, actress Ann Kok took the chance to profess her undying love to Big Bang instead of asking a question.

With tears in her eyes, Kok gushed “I love your music and the way you dress”. Clutching Big Bang’s Extraordinary 20s photo book in her hand, she asked the guys if she could be featured in a Big Bang music video.

Daesung looked shocked but G-Dragon laughed and replied “Opportunities are there. I’ll like to ask you to go for an audition”.

Kok proceeded to ask in Korean “Can we be friends?” and received the thumbs up from G-Dragon.

Silence is golden
Who knows whether it was due to his alleged sexcapde (where he was caught in bed), but Big Bang’s maknae Seungri remained silent throughout the entire press conference, only smiling shyly or nodding in agreement when his bandmates were taking questions. We think the usually chatty member may be staying away from the spotlight on purpose during this sensitive period of time.

Such an R-rated tease

The band was also asked if they would ever star in a drama or movie, and which T.O.P replied with a coy smile, saying that if they were to film a drama about their lives, it would most probably be rated R, eliciting laughs from the stirred up crowd.

Enamoured with the Samsung Galaxy S3
During the press conference the Big Bang members took the opportunity to play around with the Samsung Galaxy S3. G-Dragon in particular seemed to really enjoy taking pictures (of the crowd) with the smartphone.

Daesung said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 “is the best and I definitely want to take this home” which was backed by Tae Yang saying that the smartphone “is cool”.

With their slick, enthused answers, their charming smiles, their coy teasing, there’s no doubt that the band had the crowd lapping up their every word. They also promised to pull out all stops at the two upcoming shows and we can’t wait.

This just in: Rumour also has it that the band will be partying at Club Attica Too after their second gig tonight, so VIPs hoping to catch a glimpse, remember to head on down.

VIPs will be pleased to know that you can enjoy more Big Bang action with your Samsung smartphone by downloading the Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 mobile app. The app gives you access to exclusive photos and videos featuring the band as well as limited edition wallpapers.