Beyonce just staged a touching and mesmerising performance at the Grammy Awards 2017 ceremony.

Queen Bey, who recently broke her pregnancy news on her Instagram account last week, turned up on stage at the Staples Center in Los Angeles dressed in a sheer and sparkly bespoke costume by House of Malakai.


She sang two songs, Love Drought and Sandcastles from her Lemonade album which won Best Urban Contemporary Album. As she sang the opening lines of Love Drought, the heavily pregnant singer sat on a wooden chair that was positioned at the edge of a long table on stage.

For a few brief seconds, we thought she was going to sit and sing throughout the entire process. But it’s Beyonce we’re talking about so we should have known to expect more. 

Instead, the fearless singer started to make a 45 degree recline on her chair and ended up suspending herself for a shocking 10 seconds before resuming back to the normal position. When the camera zoomed closer, we noticed that nobody was supporting her and she was, like how her lyrics go, ‘floating in the air’.

It literally took our breath away! And honestly, it looked pretty scary for anyone to be doing that, let alone a heavily pregnant woman.

Of course, putting all your trust in a chair and letting it recline like how Beyonce did isn’t something we’d encourage anybody to do — pregnant or not. It looked dangerous and we were relieved to see that Beyonce’s performance turned out super fine.

When Sandcastles came along, she sat down once more. Except this time, there were no dangerous acts involved. As she serenaded soulfully, she placed her hand on her belly, evoking a very touching and motherly image of Beyonce.

By the end of her marvellous performance, she’d earned herself a well-deserved standing ovation from the audience. Well done, Queen Bey!

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