We got some brave souls to text these sex toys to see which ones really will give you a big ‘O’ or two or three … We’ve come up with a rating guide too so you know exactly what you should be getting!

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Zini Zook $269, from www.U4ria.com.sg
WHAT IT IS: A rechargeable vibrator with a shorter “arm” midway, each with its own motor.
HOW IT WORKS: Fifteen vibrating intensities, each with a pulsing LED light colour, target the G-spot and clitoris (via the “arm”).
SHE: “It hurt a little at first but probably because it wasn’t lubricated. Its vibrations weren’t too strong but they gradually brought me to an intense orgasm.” – G. Tse, 25, teacher

Best ever sex toys tried and tested TOY 2Lelo Insignia Lyla $186, from U4ria@Midpoint Orchard  (pictured right)
WHAT IT IS: An egg-shaped rechargeable massager with a wireless remote.
HOW IT WORKS: She (or he) controls six vibrating intensities by tilting or shaking the remote, which also vibrates.
SHE: “Its vibrations are a lot stronger than other toys I’ve tried, so my orgasm was mindblowing! I could also tell him when to speed it up or slow it down, or he could surprise me, heightening the anticipation.” – C.N. Lee, 33, fi nancial adviser
HE: “I liked controlling it with the remote and how I could make her beg for more. It was great that I could be involved with her pleasure, rather than just watching her touch herself.” – J. Lin, 30, financial adviser

Best ever sex toys tried and tested TOY 1

8 Modes Nipple Clit Teaser Vibe $129 (for a set of two), from U4ria@Peninsula Plaza (pictured right)
WHAT IT IS: A “bulb” with a suction cup on the end,powered by three AA batteries. Inside the cup is a rubber-studded pad that can rotate left or right.
WHAT IT DOES: Eight rotation-vibration speeds stimulate the nipples. Can also be used on the clitoris.
SHE: “My nipples felt like they were being twisted off. But on my clitoris, it was quite arousing. There wasn’t much difference between the modes, and the pauses between switching directions made it difficult for me to come.” – A. Lee, 33, financial consultant

Best ever sex toys tried and tested TOYS 4

We-Vibe 3 $249, from U4ria@Peninsula Plaza
(pictured below)

WHAT IT IS: This U-shaped, rechargeable vibrator works manually or with a wireless remote.
HOW IT WORKS: One half is inserted to hit the G-spot, while the external half stimulates the clitoris. Used during sex, it can also stimulate him.
SHE: “It was a bit tricky figuring out the ‘right’ spots to put it on. But once in place, it was almost instant gratification although it hurt a little when he entered. But with lube and more foreplay, it was heavenly!” – Sarah*, 27, secretary
HE: “At first, I wasn’t keen to compete for space with a toy. But I had fun seeing her quiver with pleasure when I switched between the vibration modes. She came sooner than usual and so did I. And I enjoyed the vibrations, too!” – Jason*, 30, civil servant

Feelztoys Tonguer $50 (for a set of two), from www.U4ria.com.sg
WHAT IT IS: His-and-hers 3.5cm-long, watch battery-powered “tubes” with beads on the ends.
HOW IT WORKS: The attached band slips around your tongue. When the “tube” is turned on, the beads vibrate (one speed only) to provide stimulation during oral sex.
SHE: “It kept slipping off my tongue and the tube clattered against my teeth. The vibration was too strong on my tongue but I didn’t feel it was as intense when he went down on me.” – J. Lee, 32, airline stewardess
HE: “It wasn’t the easiest toy to use but I can’t deny the pleasure it gave me. If it wasn’t so pricey, it’d be a hit with my buddies and their partners.” – Wong, 27, property agent

Best ever sex toys tried and tested TOYS 7Lelo Homme Tor $319, from Rondavous@Far East Plaza
WHAT IT IS: A rechargeable vibrating penis ring that adjusts to fit any size.
HOW IT WORKS: Six vibrating intensities stimulate his penis and her clitoris (during penetration).
SHE: “Its vibrations were great! And it works for both of us. We tried it two ways – with the vibrating bit up, which was fantastic for my clitoris, and down to tingle his testicles and my anus at the same time.” – A. Chang, 26, marketing executive
HE: “It kept me erect longer, so I could pleasure her longer. I also liked feeling the vibrations on my testicles and I’d be more than happy to enjoy it solo.” – M. Ang, 27, managing director

*Not their real names

This story was first published in Her World magazine February 2012 issue.