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It is not exactly the Taj Mahal, but S Hotel may well be a monument of love for the Weibo set.

On Tuesday, Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei opened the Philippe Starck-designed boutique hotel in Taipei, which he has dedicated to and named after his wife, Taiwanese actress Barbie “Big S” Hsu, said China Times.

Converted from a rented building near Mandarin Oriental, Taipei, S Hotel has more than 100 rooms in Starck’s white modern style, with bathrobes, bed linen and other amenities that were personally chosen by Hsu. It also features a Nordic restaurant by Michelin-starred chef Mikkel Maarbjerg. And in the lobby, there are photos of Hsu and her sister, television host Dee “Little S” Hsu, said Apple Daily.

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In opening a hotel in Taiwan, Wang’s primary goal is to break even, he was quoted as saying by China Times. He also hopes Taiwanese will one day proudly recommend S Hotel to their foreign friends.

The couple married in 2010 and have a three-year-old girl and a one-year-old boy. At the opening ceremony that was also attended by Starck, Hsu, 40, quashed recent rumours that she is pregnant again. She stressed that she had fulfilled her social duty by having two children and would not have a third child.

In fact, she said she and her husband had reached a consensus that he would have a vasectomy.

To which Wang, 35, said: “I’m still busy with the hotel, there’s no hurry.”



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His wife clarified: “I’m not rushing him into it. This is also a major life event. Currently we’re considering whether to have the surgery in Beijing or Taiwan.”

At the ceremony, as he spoke eloquently on tourism in China and Taiwan, she told a joke about S Hotel’s name at her sister’s expense.

“If business is good, it’s Big S Hotel. If business is bad, it’s Little S Hotel.”

This story first appeared on The Straits Times on June 14, 2017.