Image: Barbie Hsu / Weibo

Barbie Hsu gave birth to her second child on Saturday, May 14.

Rumours circulated that she was given an excessive dose of anesthetic to reduce her labour pain, and that triggered her epilepsy.

She was then admitted to the intensive care unit, reports Asianpopnews.

When news of her condition surfaced, many fans were worried about Barbie’s health and safety.

Barbie’s mother has since clarified that Barbie was not injected with an excessive dose of anesthetic. Instead, she fainted due to the severe pain from her contractions, which triggered her epilepsy.

Barbie was then admitted into the ICU and has since regained her consciousness.

She has now been transferred to the regular ward, where she is currently in a stable condition.

Barbie’s mother­-in­-law has also announced the birth of her grandson on her Weibo, and said, “We’ve formed a ‘good’ word. Good luck will be coming.”

Barbie’s husband, Wang Xiaofei also posted a photo of his new­born son’s footprints and said, “Thank you everyone for your blessings. My son is very healthy.

“I will accompany my wife at the hospital. After what we have gone through, I have a deeper understanding of life. I thank our families and friends, and wish everyone well.”


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