Barbie Hsu cries and says she wanted an ‘unhealthy child’ b1.png

Hoo-boy, Taiwanese tellie sure makes for engrossing entertainment.

It was an evening of tell-all tales and riveting revelations, as soul sisters Barbie Hsu and Dee Hsu disclosed dramatic insider info on a recent taping of the latter’s talkshow, Mr Con & Ms Csi – complete with much weeping and wailing.

Here’s what went down to trigger the waterworks. Barbie fired the first salvo by admitting on air that she was so distraught over Dee’s pregnancy problems that she made a silent wish “to let Dee give birth to a healthy baby, and I will bear the unhealthy one.” Sniff.

Barbie Hsu cries and says she wanted an ‘unhealthy child’ B2.png

The younger sister, apparently unaware of Barbie’s selfless secret, quivered and broke down. (Who wouldn’t?) AsiaOne notes that the episode ended with both Taiwanese thespians crying convulsively and clasping each other.   

In another emotional bit of soul-baring, 38-year-old Barbie says she spent three tortuous years trying to conceive; the erstwhile vegetarian even took to eating meat in a bid to be with child.     

Now, the ebullient mother of a one-year-old girl says her hubby loves her freshly filled out figure, which he refers to as “very sexy”. So all’s well that ends well, then. ‘Grats on your beautiful babies, both, the tears were probably worth it!

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