Credit: Instagram/Ayden Sng

Local actor Ayden Sng recently hit another milestone in life and has been enjoying the fruits of his labour in his newly renovated bachelor pad.

Since last year, the 28-year-old has been teasing on Instagram with bits of the apartment, which he finally moved into during the Chinese New Year period this year when renovations were completed.

And looking at the photos he’s shared, it’s safe to say he spared no expense and went for a big overhaul of the place.

Last month, he gave a sneak peek of his personal bar. Filled with an array of drinks, the bar has classic wooden shelves and is fitted with a black countertop.

Ayden also gave a glimpse of one of his rooms which appears to follow a minimalist Japanese theme and has a sliding door. The room is well-lit which complements the light wood flooring.

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While he seems to be embracing the bachelor life with all the beautiful furnishings, Ayden said in an Instagram post: “Choosing to get a place and to undergo massive renovation was something I had to deliberate on long and hard because of the crazy financial commitment (both one-off and long-term!)” ⁣

He added: “While I’m super excited for the new place, it’s also true that I now have to be a lot more conscious about my spending and earnings since my financial strain is significantly higher.”

Radio DJ Dennis Chew, who bought his own executive mansionette in June 2020, also recently paid Ayden a visit and congratulated him on the new home.

Ayden Sng with radio DJs Chen Biyu (left) and Dennis Chew (right). PHOTO: Instagram/Dennis Chew

Meanwhile, Ayden’s two precious felines, both Bengal cats and a huge source of comfort to him, seem to be settling in just fine.

“As simple as it sounds, staying at home and playing with my cats do wonders for me ever since I got them,” he said in a post.

AsiaOne approached Ayden for more details but he said he might share more another time. 

This article was first published in AsiaOne.