Remember the times when we all donned thick black eyeliner and (almost) dyed our hair blonde just to be like Avril Lavigne? Well, our favourite punk rock girl is back, and this time, it’s for a one-night-only concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

herworldPLUS caught up with the eyeliner-donning beauty for an exclusive interview because we are huge fans of her, from “Complicated” all the way to “Girlfriend”. Here is what we talked to her about!

Having had your punk rock girl look since you first started your music career, how did you feel when you dropped your signature black eyeliner for the “fresh, feminine makeover” in Allure magazine just last month?
I love black eye makeup. I always have and always will. From time to time, I will switch it up with a liquid eyeliner on top for a more natural, feminine look or I’ll play with red eye shadow.

You’ve been quoted as using MAC Smoulder black eyeliner “pretty much everyday”, even at home. Why the love for the black eyeliner? What is the longest do you think you can go without it?
I love the color black. The longest would probably be one day.

You’ve been in the music industry for years. Who, or which band, would you say is the biggest music influence in your life?
Not one person in particular. In high school I listened to Pennywise, Blink 182 and the Dixie Chicks. Now I love listening to Frank Sinatra.

Given a choice to cover a song by anyone, whose and what song would it be?
I just covered Nickelback’s “How You Remind Me.” I did a full recording of it and it’s on iTunes.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we’d like to know a little about your love life too! You’ve been married to Chad Kroeger for a while now, when did you know that he was “the one”?
We both had the feeling pretty much right away.

We know that you don’t have plans to have kids yet, but if you were to have one, what kind of a mom do you think you’ll be?
I feel that I would be a very responsible mother and also very fun.

You’re going to be on tour for quite a while. Any plans to take a break or relax after?
I have no idea what my plans are right now. I just started the tour on January 31st and I’m happy to be going to Singapore on February 15th.

Avril Lavigne will be performing in Singapore at the Singapore Indoor Stdium at 8pm on February 15, 2014. Get your tickets from, the box office at the Singapore Indoor Stadium Admin office, all SingPost outlets, or call 63335000. For more information about Avril Lavigne, visit her website at You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter @AvrilLavigne and Youtube