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1. Vicki Zhao

Thanks to Ruby Lin’s recent nuptials with her suave husband Wallace Huo, the pictures from TV series, My Fair Princess, that shot Zhao to stardom recently resurfaced online again. The doe-eyed princess was extremely well-loved by the audiences. Many say that her beautiful eyes helped her in giving life to the character. Despite maturing and being a mother, her eyes never lost that vitality. Instead, these experiences seem to have added an unexplainable charm to her eyes. 



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2. Yang Mi

She debuted at a tender age of four and has always been known for her having ‘light’ in her eyes. Even though they are of almond-shaped, she never had the problem of them looking squinty. She knows exactly how to work them to her advantage and I am sure she has absolutely no need for any eye-widening type of contacts lens!


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3. Liu Yifei

The first thing that comes to anyone’s minds when Liu is mentioned is her character as the ‘Xiao longnu in the popular Chinese novel: The Return of the Condor Heroes. The character gives off a dreamy and innocent vibes that make everyone want to shower her with tender loving care. To enhance the guiltless look even further, all she needs to do is just to draw a thick line on her lower lash line to make her oval eyes look rounder. 


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4. Suzy Bae 

To be honest, the size of Suzy’s eyes are pretty average. The key to her charm is actually the ‘eye bags’ underneath her eyes that make people who have them look charming and friendly whenever they smile. It’s the perfect ‘smizing’ tool that makes her so lovable. 


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5. Hannah Quinlivan

She’s jay Chou’s queen, of course, you would expect her to have a pair of mesmerising peepers. The biggest advantage she has here is her mixed heritage. She naturally has large eyes and she loves enhancing them with an eye-widening coloured contact lens. It makes her look super exotic and enhances her Australian and Taiwanese-Korean heritage. 



6. Vivian Hsu

This pint-sized pixie is one hot mama. She is the perfect example of how someone can look so sexy and pure all at the same time. The edge of her bright round eyes curves downwards slightly, captivating all men, making them want to protect her at all costs. 



7. Rainie Yang

Dubbed as the master of all things adorable, it’s only right that she makes it to this list. She has a pair of lively and bright peepers that helped her to portray her vivacious and animated on-screen characters in idol dramas. It’s no wonder why she’s currently the official spokesperson for a brand of contact lens. 


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8. Lin Chiling

Taiwanese supermodel has always been known for her clear and vivid peepers that have the ability to draw anyone into it. These adorable eyes are definitely the windows to her gentle and loving soul. 

This story was originally adapted from Nuyou.