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In addition to being an expert on the perfect high ponytail and hitting the right note, it seems American popstar Ariana Grande is also totally wise when it comes to matters of the heart.

The 25-year-old’s relationship with comedian Pete Davidson’s unexpectedly sweet relationship may have ended, but in its place, it seems to have left an unexpectedly sweet breakup.


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Ariana released her new track, “Thank u, next,” and in it, she runs through her past romantic relationships with Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez, Davidson, and the late Mac Miller, thanking them each for the lessons they’ve taught her and proclaiming that she’s “so grateful for (her) ex” and is looking forward to her next relationship.

Breakups are hard. Whether or not it’s an amicable one like Ariana and Pete’s split, it can still hurt, and even traumatic experience.

That explains why people search far and wide for advice to mend their broken heart. When it comes to mourning lost love, we could all use as much help as we can get. It’s important to find healthy ways to get over your breakup, even when all you want to do is to stay in bed and listen to soppy breakup songs. While those coping mechanisms can certainly help  in the early wallowing stages, they are not viable long-term solutions to handling a breakup.


Thank u, next

Ahead, here are some Ariana-approved breakup tips that will get you through each stage of the healing process. These tips won’t just help you get over an ex, but also empower you to get you through your single life.


1.     Social media purge


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A 2012 study published in the journal Cyber Psychology, Behaviour and Social Networking found that people who cyberstalked their exes were more likely to develop negative feelings towards the latter, and less likely to move on from the breakup. If you’re trying to get over a relationship, try cutting off contact and resist keeping tabs on them via social media. Just like deleting their phone number, it’s better to block your ex – even if it’s just temporarily to prevent yourself from “checking up” on them.

Even looking at the most seemingly innocuous Instagram story may unleash a whole can of worms.

To give yourself a fresh start, you may consider taking some time to go off the grid, even if it’s just an hour less a day. If that feels helpful, try going on a social media cleanse for a couple of days and use that time to reconnect with your loved ones. After ending her engagement with Pete, Ariana took a break from social media. In a now-deleted message on Instagram story, the songstress told her fans that she would be stepping back for a little bit because, “It’s hard not to bump into news and stuff that (she’s) trying not to see right now. It’s very sad and we’re all trying very hard to keep going. Love you. and thank you for being here always.”


2.     Say it


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Just like how Ariana penned the lyrics to “Thank you, next,” one way to process your emotions is write them down in words. It can also be a cathartic experience when you write an honest letter to your ex, detailing all the things you’re grateful for and all the things that left you disappointed.

The letter is an opportunity for you to get all of the things you never said or wished you had said off your chest. More importantly, let yourself feel your feelings as your write the letter. When you’re done writing, you can then decide if it’s worth it to you to send it. The purpose of the letter is to use it to cope with your grief and not as a last-ditch attempt to get something out of your ex. Plus, doing so would also prevent you from drunk-texting something cryptic to your ex at 2am.


3.     Get out there


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It’s cliché, but fresh air does help to clear your mind. Leave your “cave of forgotten dreams” and go outside to do things you enjoy. It could be taking a hike or going to a museum. It seems after her breakup, Ariana walked into Soho Chanel and asked for one of everything!


4.     Turn to your friends and family


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Even the strongest people can feel like they are worthless or not good enough when going through a breakup. Ariana found an attentive support system in her friends, mother and brother Frankie. Like Ariana, surround yourself with people that appreciate you and remind yourself of what a good person you are. When your self-esteem is at all all time low, these are the people who can lift you up while you work on defining your own self-worth.

We’re wishing Ariana all the best as she takes time to focus on herself. If you are healing from a heartbreak, things will get better. We promise.