Annie Yi, 47, successfully conceived her second baby and is expected to give birth in July.

On Mother’s Day, the Taiwanese singer-actress revealed that due to the influence of her family, she had always thought that it was a woman’s responsibility to give birth to a boy.

As her own mother had looked down on her before, she always thought that her birth was a big mistake that put a strain on her parents’ marriage, reported Asian Pop News.

In order to give birth to a boy 14 years ago, Annie drank deer antler soup everyday, underwent acupuncture, consumed Chinese medicine and made offerings at the temple.

Although she is very happy about her second pregnancy, she is still very anxious about not being pregnant with a boy. On one night, Annie even blamed herself and broke into tears.

As Annie’s husband, Qin Hao is the only son in the family, she asked him if he would mind his daughter adopting someone else’s surname after she got married.

Qin Hao, who is 10 years her junior, replied, “Bloodline is even more precious than surname. There are many people in this world who have Qin as their surnames, but our child has our genes. This is something which any other surname cannot replace.”

After speaking to Qin Hao, Annie finally unlocked the knot in her heart and realised that blood connection is more important. She also thanked her unborn daughter for giving her a chance to reflect on and overcome the fear in her life.

She also expressed her love for her two children and said, “Happy Mother’s Day. My sun and moon; my Yin and Yang; my darkness and brightness. My beautiful two children. Mummy loves you.”

Annie Yi has a 13-year-old son, Harrison Yu with her ex-husband, Harlem Yu.


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