BEIJING – Could Angelababy, looking as sylphlike as ever, really have given birth to a baby boy?

Speculation that the actress’ son with actor Huang Xiaoming was born via surrogate is in the spotlight, after the China’s No.1 Paparazzo Zhuo Wei microblog weighed in on the online discussion on Wednesday (April 19), said NetEase website.

After a netizen asked whether Angelababy’s child was carried by a surrogate mother as rumoured, microblogger Zhuo answered on Weibo: “As far as I know it wasn’t, it’s a ‘biological’ child.”

Angelababy’s official microblog also joined the conversation, tongue in cheek.

It reposted Zhuo’s answer, saying: “Rumours are rumours. We thank Teacher Zhuo for the clarification in the first half of his sentence, but we do not accept the misleading quotation marks in the second half of his sentence.”

It added a friendly-sounding reminder: “If your post is reposted more than 500 times, you have to bear legal responsibility. We really ‘love you’.”

Angelababy, 28, and Huang, 39, welcomed their son in Hong Kong in January. Shortly after their wedding in October 2015, she underwent a medical examination in Beijing to disprove a plastic surgery clinic’s claims that her looks were surgically enhanced.


This story first appeared on The Straits Times 20 April 2017.