Amber Le Bon lives in constant fear that her knee will “buckle on the catwalk”.

The daughter of legendary fashion model Yasmin Le Bon and Duran Duran singer Simon Le Bon confessed there are parts of her life she wishes she could change.

The 23-year-old is fast becoming recognised for her modelling prowess in her own right and has scored contracts with the likes of Karen Millen, whose Spring/Summer 13 campaign she fronts.

Amber opened up about the truth behind the glossy modelling pictures and the seemingly prefect life she leads, explaining an old injury plays on her mind every day.

“I have a hurdling injury and a bad knee,” Amber moaned to British magazine Grazia. “I’m like an old lady! It stops me from running properly. It felt really weak on the day of my Karen Millen shoot. Luckily it didn’t give way, but I worry about it buckling on the catwalk.”

The brunette might have followed in her mother’s fashionable shoes, but she also has one foot in her father’s musical ones. The eldest of three girls uses music as her relaxation method and to help curb her temper.

“I find playing the piano therapeutic. I like Chopin – especially if I’m feeling angry,” she explained. “Sometimes I’ll join in with my dad. But he’s a better musician than a teacher – I can’t keep up.” – COVER MEDIA