Adriana Lima reveals NY resolutionsAdriana Lima wants to “meet the Dalai Lama” in 2012.

The Victoria’s Secret model has revealed her New Year’s resolutions.

As well as wanting to learn how to play the piano and do more boxing, the star also has some more unusual wishes.

“I wanna meet the Dalai Lama,” she laughed in a video shot for Victoria’s Secret . “And believe it or not I need to get my driver’s license.”

The Brazilian model also wants to try and tone down her exotic accent. She would love her English fans to be able to understand her better.

“I will try to get some speech classes and get rid of my accent,” she said.

The brunette beauty also revealed she will be wearing white panties when the New Year begins. She is hoping they will make 2012 a year of peace.

However, Adriana is just like the rest of us when it comes to keeping her promises.

She confessed she has never managed to actually follow through with any of her pledges in the past.

“How good am I at keeping my New Year’s resolutions? I never do any of them! Ever!” she giggled.