Taiwan entertainment site ET Today reported that Ruby Lin’s announcement was made at the after-party, following the couple’s glitzy wedding banquet held in Taipei on Tuesday (August 2, 2016).

Actress ruby lin is 3 months pregnant celebrity pregnancy DECOR
Fans believe that there were clues in the wedding photos taken at the couple’s first ceremony at the Bulgari Bali Resort. Check out how Ruby is covering her stomach. Image: Bulgari Bali Resort

According to the report, the actress revealed that she is three months pregnant, putting to bed rumours that have dogged the couple for the past month. But did the announcement have anything to do with Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai’s slip-up earlier in the night?

Lin’s good pal had accidentally let the cat out of the bag during the banquet by wishing the couple: “May your baby be healthy”. Realising her gaffe, Tsai awkwardly laughed as the host quickly chimed in, saying: “You can’t say that yet!”

This story was first published on AsiaOne Women

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