​Image: Christy Chung/Weibo

HONG KONG • Twice-married Canadian actress Christy Chung, 45, has found love once more, this time on a dating show with Chinese actor Zhang Lunshuo, 33.

On Sunday, he proposed to her at a taping of the Hubei TV show Perhaps Love, said Apple Daily.

He started by singing and dancing, backed by four dancers, and having her sit on the stage.

At the end of the performance, after the dancers left, he said: “We began on Perhaps Love, so I think that at the end of the programme, we’ll give everyone a better beginning and the whole world will see I’m responsible to you, as I said I’d be.”

“I hope I’ll give you happiness, you’ll always be happy, I hope you’ll marry me,” he continued, as he produced a ring and knelt. “Will you marry me?”

The crowd started shouting “Marry him!” Chung seemed surprised, but calmed down, took a breath and said: “I will.” Hugs and kisses ensued, said the report.

​Image: Christy Chung/Weibo

On WeChat afterwards, Chung thanked Hubei TV. She said she had not expected “to meet Lunshuo and find true love” on a show.

Chung, who is of mixed Chinese and Vietnamese parentage, has three daughters with her former husbands, British spa consultant Glen Ross and Taiwanese record producer Jon Yen.

The couple were paired off on the second season of the show last year, which also featured South Korean comedian Lee Kwang Soo and Chinese actress Lynn Hung, said NetEase website.

Chung picked a bikini for their first meeting, and a bashful Zhang said he did not dare look. They had their first crisis in the third round, when he said he did not like having children in his home, but would not give up on their relationship, reported NetEase.

Later, they confirmed to the media that they were dating.

Speaking to Apple Daily yesterday, Chung said she agreed to marry Zhang “because we’ve been together for a year, I have a good understanding of his character, he’s a responsible man who takes care of me, the kids, the family”.

She said on WeChat: “I think love has no borders, no linguistic and age limits. I hope everyone can be like us. If you love, love bravely.”