Image: Lollipop

According to Asian E-News Portal, Cheong appeared on a show and discussed the abuse which caused her to withdraw from showbiz: “I felt very down and it brought me too much harm at that time. I dare not tell my family to prevent them from being worried and I chose to leave Hong Kong.”

Angie disclosed she met her foster son, Hanson during her lowest point and said: “He makes me stand up again.”

It was not easy to adopt Hanson, who was in Beijing at the time. “One day, Hanson called me mummy suddenly but there was somebody applied to adopt him and the principal felt it was a rush moment only. “Hence, I cooked for him daily and took care of him temporarily. The person withdrew the application suddenly and it was natural for me to adopt him.

“I took care of him personally and nobody can replace the love.” Asking about her suitors, Angie replied she left it to fate.