Image: The New Paper/ Lianhe Wanbao

Aloysius Pang, one of the eight dukes of Caldecott Hill, plays a lingerie designer in The Gentlemen. The 25-year-old local actor told The New Paper yesterday at the press conference: “I’m not an expert on bras, but I’ve become an expert at unbuckling bras with one hand.”

To prepare, Pang went to an art supplies shop to buy a professional sketch set. He also got a couple of female friends to buy bras for him so he could practise unhooking bras. He said: “I imagined my role to be an expert and professional bra designer, so buckling and unbuckling bras shouldn’t be a problem for me.

“I told myself to master this thing. I just constantly buckled and unbuckled. The tougher ones are the bras with front (fastenings).”


One thing Pang learnt while filming The Gentlemen is that wearing bras of the wrong size can affect a woman’s health. In one of the scenes, he tries on four bras to put himself in a woman’s shoes, to know what women look for in a bra.

He recalled: “The script said two, but I suggested four because I wanted to try four different sizes, starting from the smallest.

“Good thing I was very comfortable with the production crew, so it did not get awkward on set. In my own time, I’d never do something like this. I can never bring myself to put on a bra.”

On what viewers might think of his role, Pang said: “I think they will criticise my body and maybe I will begin to see a lot of my bra pictures on social media.”