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20 years. That’s how long Taiwanese mandopop singer and songwriter A-mei has been in the music industry. Throughout the years, fans across Asia have fallen in love with her power-packed vocals. From her famous dance hits (think Bad Boy and Sisters) to tissue-box mandatory ballads (cue Listen to the Sea and Cutting Love), her songs have long been the must-sings at the KTVs.

Besides winning the hearts of her fans, A-Mei has also been impressing award judges. To date, the multi-award winning singer — with 16 albums under her belt — has received nominations and clinched awards including the Golden Melody Awards’ Best Female Vocalist of the Year in 2002 and Best Mandarin Female Singer in 2014.

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Respected for her singing skills, A-mei was invited to be a judge and vocal coach in Chinese reality talent show The Voice of China in 2013. Fast forward to now, as she celebrates her two decades of remarkable career, A-mei has decided to take a walk down memory lane with close to 7,200 of her screaming fans here in Singapore last weekend.  

The concert, which lasted almost three hours, was held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on June 9 and 10, 2017. A-mei opened her Utopia 2.0 Carnival concert with her rock tracks Straightforward and Are You Ready, urging her audience to stand up and dance with her. Of course, her ever enthusiastic fans were more than happy to oblige.

Some of her loyal fans even turned up with customised outfits (see below), proving just how much they love her.

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A-mei’s superstar power had also attracted many local celebrities to her concert. Actresses Jeanette Aw, Huang Biren and Ya Hui took to their own Instagrams to document the fun night with selfies and videos of A-mei’s performances. Scroll down to relive some of the best moments.  

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