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Photo: Hayden Ng

Fresh face beauty

Here at the Her World office, we have a wall filled with some of our most stunning cover girls which, quite naturally, includes Fann’s first ever Her World cover. After bagging the Her World Cover Girl Contest in November 1987, the 16-year-old fresh face Fann took time off her busy schedule to shoot this iconic cover.

Photo: Her World Singapore

Ready to wed

In the lead up to her big day, the gorgeous bride-to-be revealed it all in our August 2008 issue, including her bridal beauty tips. She also confessed: “I’m really looking forward to being addressed as Mrs Lee!”

Photo: Her World Singapore

Pretty mum-to-be

The glowing mum-to-be shined on our May 2014 cover as she talked to us about her pregnancy journey. We later found out that her biggest craving when she had Zed was… *drum roll* instant noodles. Perhaps her son Zed will grow up to be a huge maggi mee fan?


Drink more water

Proof that Fann is just like any other loving mum? In this clip, the working mum showers her son with all her love and affection.


A happy family

These days, the golden couple of Singapore showbiz is hardly seen without their son. Here, they were celebrating Zed’s first birthday which coincidentally falls on our National Day (August 9).

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