Decked out in a classic black dress with a showstopping pearl necklace, Stefanie Sun look every bit the sophisticated Singapore star at Mikimoto’s ION Orchard official store opening.

Together with a group of journos, we snuck in some minutes to chat with the Singapore songstress, while at the Mikimoto store. Here are some interesting morsels we learnt about the amiable songbird.

#1 Her most sentimental piece of jewellery

Sun recalled with a smile that the most memorable piece of jewellery she owns is a pair of small earrings. These were gifted to her by her father a long time ago, while he was on a work trip. 

While it may have been a simple gift, these earrings still feel extra “precious” to the singer; Sun explains that she felt moved that her father would buy her such a present, especially as it was during a time when her family’s financial situation wasn’t at its best.

#2 She gets ‘pai seh’ very easily
When asked why she decided to apologise for an over-edited selfie she’d posted on her Weibo, Sun laughed and said that she felt very ‘paiseh’ (the word for embarrassed in the Hokkien dialect) about it because it made her complexion too flawless.

“I get paiseh very easily,” she quips. She thought that it was funny to post another picture of herself that was “less flawless”.

#3 She feels that every girl should have a string of pearls
Spoken like a true pearl connoisseur, Stefanie Sun thinks that every girl should have a string of pearls. She likes how pearls can jazz up an outfit while still keeping the spotlight on the person wearing it. Her favourite piece of pearl jewellery is an opera length necklace with slightly smaller pearls, because she feels that it’s more versatile.

#4 She believes in buying jewellery for herself

When asked if she feels that jewellery should be purchased on her own, or received as a special gift, Sun was quick to say that she believes in the former. “I believe in buying jewellery for yourself just because you can,” says the star.

#5 Yes, she does read her fans’ Twitter replies

As an active user on Twitter and Weibo, Stefanie Sun tells us that she makes an effort to keep up with the news of the people she follows. She candidly admits to paying attention to posts and contents that are related to her: “You want to know what people are saying about you.”

#6 Why she loves Twitter and Weibo

Even though she has more 22 million fans on both her Weibo and Twitter account combined, Sun says that she doesn’t “agonise over” her posts. “When I am not under pressure, I would like to think I’m funny,” she said. “When I come across something funny, I’ll just post it.”

She feels that social media is a platform where you can reveal your true personality. The songbird loves how it enables her to connect with her friends and fans informally, as it helps them to get to know each other better.

#7 Her plans for 2015

Being one of Singapore’s most loved local artistes, Sun is heavily involved in a whole slew of concerts that is centered around the SG50 theme. Apart from SG50, she will be performing alongside singer-songwriter Dick Lee and JJ Lin for Sing50, a concert that celebrates Singapore’s 50th birthday. The concert will be held on May 7, 2015 at the national stadium.

As for her solo concert, she probably won’t be staging one anytime soon. She recently did her Kepler comeback concert last year at the national stadium.